The Shadowkeep

After escaping the Tower, the party ran into some outlaws. They ambushed us on the road, and we forced a retreat. The mayor of the nearest town informed us that we had encountered the Bandit Queen and her bandits. They have been hiding out in a place called the Shadowkeep, and have been harassing the area for some time. He also told us that the bandits share the keep with a group of orcs (also guilty of pillaging), and that the keep was built by a lord who perished along with his family when it was attacked long ago.
The truce between the orcs and humans is an uneasy one, and we should use it to our advantage; it will help us in our efforts to clear out the keep for our own use.

On the Run

When we came back through the light portal, Lady Arroway was waiting for us. Although we made no mention of our discovery, she wanted to know where we were “hiding it.” She and her darkpriests soon attacked us, and we only survived because Nepher-Maat gave her an illusion of the Crown. She fled through via a portal. The only notable thing about the place on the other side was that the walls were made of dark stone.
We returned to the Keep after thanking Nepher-Maat. When we described Lady Arroway escaping through a portal to the Castellan, he told us that Lady Arroway was most likely from the kingdom to the north; they have a castle made of dark stone. This was backed up by the fact that that country follows a dark god, and Lady Arroway had darkpriest guards. He went on to tell us that they will probably continue to pursue the Crown, and that it could be very dangerous in their hands. We couldn’t allow them to have it if it would give them an advantage in case of invasion, so he told us to keep it and flee. We bought an anti-scry bag for the Crown and left the Keep.
Since then, we ran into a Tower, a crazy arcane labrynth of rooms full of succubi, slimes, fire elementals, puzzle rooms full of acid, and interdimentional hallways. Somewhere in all the chaos, our priest, Travok, got seperated from us; we could not find him. We got lots of loot, though, including some potions and part of an alchemical ecyclopedia. We also met a new party member, Kári. She was at the Academy with us, and apparently got lost in the Tower during her adventuring. We eventually found a way out.

Nepher-Maat and the Metachronic Crown

After jumping through the portal created by the polyhedrons, the party found itself in a dungeon (surprise, surprise).
The first room was empty except for a stone pillar in the center, with a bunch of faces whose mouths were open carved into it. The mouths were perfect handholds for climbing, except for the fact that they spit fire at random intervals. Belegnir managed to climb to the top with only one injury, and pull the party up with rope.
The next challenge was a pit of spikes in the hallway, too long to jump, with a very skinny ledge on the side to shimmy across. The room was both arcane and divine-proofed as well, so we had Reyna go across and pull the lever on the other side, dropping a bridge for the rest of us.
Next up was a logic puzzle: a giant locked door, 7 levers, and two riddles to help solve the puzzle. After some thinking (and after puling one that activated a temporary alarm), the door was opened.
After that was a Gravity field room, in which the ceiling was high and gravity was reversed.
The final puzzle was a door with death runes on it (don’t touch!) and a bunch of gibberish—a code to be cracked. After decoding the message, with the help of Travok’s connection to Mitra, we opened the door.
The next room was large; there was a bridge that ran over a very deep, dark pit, and when we started to cross, we were attacked by skeletons, but nothing the party couldn’t handle.
The final room was at hand. There was another metal door with the polyhedron shapes on it, and when we jumped through the portal, we found ourselves surrounded by skeletal warriors and mages. We fought hard, but one by one, party members went down.
Finally, it was just Reyna. As she turned to make a run for an exit, the leader of the skeletons, a lich, stopped her, and asked for her help. He healed Travok, who then divinely healed the rest of the party. The lich introduced himself as Nepher-Maat, a long dead King of the North. He needed our help to escape the dungeon, as he’d been trapped there for millenia. We had to use the polyhedrons (plus an amulet the lich had) to open a door and retrieve an artifact from inside—the Metachronic Crown. With this, the lich could leave the dungeon (he couldn’t get past the no magic zone from earlier in the dungeon, as he was made of magic).
We went back through the dungeon with the lich, with whom we had a sort of agreement: his freedom for our lives and the Crown.
The party reached the entrance door, and used the polyhedrons plus the amulet to go back through the portal.

The Mystery Polyhedrons

While dungeon crawling in the Caverns, the party came across a strange object: a dodecahedron, made of an unknown material. The party kept it, but didn’t think much of their discovery.
Back at the Keep, the party was approached by Lady Arroway, an archaeologist whose research was focused on items like the strange artifact we had found. She showed us that she had an octahedron, and asked us if we would be willing to find the others for her. After we agreed, she pointed us in the right direction to find the others.
(I seem to have lost my notes on how we found the tetrahedron, but we obtained it somehow.)
The first cavern we went into was full of bugbears, the leader of which was a twilight priest. After defeating her warriors (while dealing with the malevolent miracles being cast on us), we searched through our new loot and found the cube (that’s so far). Also in the cave was a mysterious door: solid metal with no handles, and 5 shapes outlined on it. Our polyhedrons’ faces matched some of the shapes.
We told Lady Arroway about the door, and she excitedly pointed out the location of the last piece, the cavern of a giant. We went to the giant’s cavern, and when we picked the lock, he asked us to come inside. Expecting a fight, we approached cautiously, but he was quite friendly. He introduced himself as Clive, and agreed to trade the icosahedron in his possession for a book.
With all 5 polyhedrons found, the party returned to Lady Arroway. She accompanied the party (with some private guards) to the door, and when we held the shapes against the door, it turned to light. Lady Arroway asked that we go for her (she was afraid of battle), and we stepped through the door (which turned out to be a portal).

The Story So Far
At least, as far as I know...

Before the Keep
The party left the training academy on the headmaster’s orders, and we assume it was destroyed (we saw smoke rising from that direction). We traveled (west?) along the great road, and along the way met Malakai. A while later, we reached the keep.

The Caverns of Chaos
The party took over a small cave that was held by kobolds in the Caverns, and set up a base there. The next cavern we took on was the Tomb of Lord Banningham. It took a few tries, but the party was finally able to defeat the undead beings and the skeleton of Lord Banningham himself, gaining for the party the mace called Firefist.
Our other adventures since have been the Battle with Beko, where we defeated a troll and his goblin minions, saving a merchant’s daughter and wife in the process, as well as our encounter with the hobgoblins, in which we lost a player character, but we learned that the hobgoblins have some sort of power imbued in a giant statue.

The Crypt of the Everflame
The Castellan of the keep gave us a quest, in order to prove our worth as adventurers. He sent us on a mission to find and bring back some of the Everflame, an eternally burning fire in a mysterious cave. We completed the quest, and in the deepest part of the dungeon was the tomb of a long-past warrior that thanked us for cleansing his resting place. Upon our return to the keep, we were given honorary titles of recognition as heroes of the keep, and the party was given a title: The Flame Order.

The Baron’s Tourney
The Castellan sent us to a tourney, held two day’s travel west on the great road. Our first night there, a man ran out of the forest and attempted some warning, but collapsed on the spot and passed. He had some sort of ectoplasm on his front. Two mornings later, the baron’s daughter went missing, and the tourney was suspended. Many groups attempted to find her in the woods, but most were scared off by the “ghosts” that haunted the trees. Our party, however, ventured into the woods anyway, despite the orders of a knight, who claimed the quest was “above us commoners.”
We found a clearing, some way into the woods, where some very pale humanoids were fighting a group of humans, and at the edge of the clearing, tied to a tree, was the baron’s daughter. We defeated the creatures, taking one captive, and brought the baron’s daughter back. We had a run-in with the knight from before, who accused us of composing the whole kidnapping and were after the reward. But, a hunter came out of nowhere and revealed himself to be part of the royal force, and arrested the knight. The tourney was concluded, and we went back to the keep.

And that’s the story (mostly) so far.

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