Nepher-Maat and the Metachronic Crown

After jumping through the portal created by the polyhedrons, the party found itself in a dungeon (surprise, surprise).
The first room was empty except for a stone pillar in the center, with a bunch of faces whose mouths were open carved into it. The mouths were perfect handholds for climbing, except for the fact that they spit fire at random intervals. Belegnir managed to climb to the top with only one injury, and pull the party up with rope.
The next challenge was a pit of spikes in the hallway, too long to jump, with a very skinny ledge on the side to shimmy across. The room was both arcane and divine-proofed as well, so we had Reyna go across and pull the lever on the other side, dropping a bridge for the rest of us.
Next up was a logic puzzle: a giant locked door, 7 levers, and two riddles to help solve the puzzle. After some thinking (and after puling one that activated a temporary alarm), the door was opened.
After that was a Gravity field room, in which the ceiling was high and gravity was reversed.
The final puzzle was a door with death runes on it (don’t touch!) and a bunch of gibberish—a code to be cracked. After decoding the message, with the help of Travok’s connection to Mitra, we opened the door.
The next room was large; there was a bridge that ran over a very deep, dark pit, and when we started to cross, we were attacked by skeletons, but nothing the party couldn’t handle.
The final room was at hand. There was another metal door with the polyhedron shapes on it, and when we jumped through the portal, we found ourselves surrounded by skeletal warriors and mages. We fought hard, but one by one, party members went down.
Finally, it was just Reyna. As she turned to make a run for an exit, the leader of the skeletons, a lich, stopped her, and asked for her help. He healed Travok, who then divinely healed the rest of the party. The lich introduced himself as Nepher-Maat, a long dead King of the North. He needed our help to escape the dungeon, as he’d been trapped there for millenia. We had to use the polyhedrons (plus an amulet the lich had) to open a door and retrieve an artifact from inside—the Metachronic Crown. With this, the lich could leave the dungeon (he couldn’t get past the no magic zone from earlier in the dungeon, as he was made of magic).
We went back through the dungeon with the lich, with whom we had a sort of agreement: his freedom for our lives and the Crown.
The party reached the entrance door, and used the polyhedrons plus the amulet to go back through the portal.



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