The Mystery Polyhedrons

While dungeon crawling in the Caverns, the party came across a strange object: a dodecahedron, made of an unknown material. The party kept it, but didn’t think much of their discovery.
Back at the Keep, the party was approached by Lady Arroway, an archaeologist whose research was focused on items like the strange artifact we had found. She showed us that she had an octahedron, and asked us if we would be willing to find the others for her. After we agreed, she pointed us in the right direction to find the others.
(I seem to have lost my notes on how we found the tetrahedron, but we obtained it somehow.)
The first cavern we went into was full of bugbears, the leader of which was a twilight priest. After defeating her warriors (while dealing with the malevolent miracles being cast on us), we searched through our new loot and found the cube (that’s so far). Also in the cave was a mysterious door: solid metal with no handles, and 5 shapes outlined on it. Our polyhedrons’ faces matched some of the shapes.
We told Lady Arroway about the door, and she excitedly pointed out the location of the last piece, the cavern of a giant. We went to the giant’s cavern, and when we picked the lock, he asked us to come inside. Expecting a fight, we approached cautiously, but he was quite friendly. He introduced himself as Clive, and agreed to trade the icosahedron in his possession for a book.
With all 5 polyhedrons found, the party returned to Lady Arroway. She accompanied the party (with some private guards) to the door, and when we held the shapes against the door, it turned to light. Lady Arroway asked that we go for her (she was afraid of battle), and we stepped through the door (which turned out to be a portal).



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