On the Run

When we came back through the light portal, Lady Arroway was waiting for us. Although we made no mention of our discovery, she wanted to know where we were “hiding it.” She and her darkpriests soon attacked us, and we only survived because Nepher-Maat gave her an illusion of the Crown. She fled through via a portal. The only notable thing about the place on the other side was that the walls were made of dark stone.
We returned to the Keep after thanking Nepher-Maat. When we described Lady Arroway escaping through a portal to the Castellan, he told us that Lady Arroway was most likely from the kingdom to the north; they have a castle made of dark stone. This was backed up by the fact that that country follows a dark god, and Lady Arroway had darkpriest guards. He went on to tell us that they will probably continue to pursue the Crown, and that it could be very dangerous in their hands. We couldn’t allow them to have it if it would give them an advantage in case of invasion, so he told us to keep it and flee. We bought an anti-scry bag for the Crown and left the Keep.
Since then, we ran into a Tower, a crazy arcane labrynth of rooms full of succubi, slimes, fire elementals, puzzle rooms full of acid, and interdimentional hallways. Somewhere in all the chaos, our priest, Travok, got seperated from us; we could not find him. We got lots of loot, though, including some potions and part of an alchemical ecyclopedia. We also met a new party member, Kári. She was at the Academy with us, and apparently got lost in the Tower during her adventuring. We eventually found a way out.



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